My Sincerest Gratitude

Hello All – I want to start by sharing my sincerest gratitude with everyone. It’s a great feeling to hear such positive things about my weight loss journey that I have been on for nine months. I like to think I have been on this journey my whole life. It just took me a little over 32 years to get this chapter going. I firmly believe we are not given anything we cannot handle. Although, sometimes, it is very hard to understand that in the moment.

I really want to get this point across – You really can do anything you put your mind to. I never imagined that I could lose 10 pounds one day, let alone 90+ pounds. I just could not fathom that. I am not trying to preach here, but it is very important to state that if you have a goal, please just start! On your first day, don’t do too much – Just get started. I weighed 268 pounds on Monday, December 11, 2017 – I was huffing and puffing and about to blow my house down as I struggled to get through my first 20 minutes on my Elliptical that day. I have moved that Elliptical three more times throughout my house. Please let me rephrase that – My brothers for life, Garrett and Ben, have basically moved it on their own while my fatass attempted to “help!”

With all that being said, I couldn’t even decide where the best location was for my Elliptical at the beginning. That is fine. I finally just shut the hell up and started. Like anything else in life, everything will eventually fall into place. It does not have to be perfect the first day. Can I tell you a little secret?? I promise, it will never be perfect, because nothing in life is perfect. We all must do the best we can with the deck of cards we were dealt. That is all anyone can ask of you and you can ask of yourself. It has taken me a looooong time to realize that. Hell – I am honestly still trying to fully understand that myself.

I beg of you to go after what you want in life. The chances are your dream will not just fall into your lap. Believe it or not, life is not normally like the movies. If you do not take a chance, you are still going to hear that no. If you ask for what you want, there is that chance you will hear a yes! At the end of the day, all we really want in life is to be put in a position to be successful. Life is too damn short for anything less. I was parentless by age 31. What I would give to be able to call my parents just to say hello. That will never happen, but I finally get it. These were the cards I was dealt. I will take the lessons I have learned from my losses, and hopefully, I will be able to help someone get their win! I believe that would make my parents happy.

And I will say it again – Thank you all so much for your kind words as I continue to be on my personal journey. It is not really about the weight loss. It is what the weight loss has been able to do for me in all areas of my life. My Life’s Motto – “If you really want to change your trajectory and are consistent and persistent, you can have the triumph you deserve.”


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