My Sister – Melissa

In my first post, I gave a short synopsis of a few things that have happened in my life about my parents. I would be remiss if I did not take some time to speak on one of the most important people in my life since Day 1. My sister – Melissa! I would like to think we are very close. I guess you would have to ask her if the feeling is mutual.

When I was younger, I always remember hearing family say all you have is each other. As a dumbass kid, I am sure I just rolled my eyes… Though, my eyes have always gone to the side, for some reason! Anyway, we have been through so much in such a short amount of time. With her being older and just a badass, in general, I have always looked up to her (until I finally got a lil taller – Thanks puberty)!

When our mom passed away, I really leaned on her! She came through in the clutch way too many times to even try to count. I was 12 years old, but she was just 16 years old. I was in 7th Grade, and she was a junior in high school. She did well in school, was in Musical Theatre, had to crew others shows, and had two jobs. Oh… And paid (and went to as many games as her schedule would allow) for my fat ass to play (or at least attempt to “run” up and down the court) recreational basketball in the Brookwood Basketball Association. These are all things I will never forget.

When my dad sent me to live with my aunt (our mom’s sister) in Ormond Beach, Florida, toward the end of 7th Grade, because I was “interrupting” his dating life a few months after my mom had passed away, Melissa and I had gotten as close as we had ever been. It was one of the worst feelings being sent out of my home at that age when I needed a male figure the most, but I was able to speak with Melissa on a pretty regular basis.

My junior and most of my senior year at Brookwood were great, because Melissa came back to the Atlanta Area to go to Mortuary School. She was doing something she was passionate about, and we lived within 40 minutes of one another! We called each other numerous times to meet up for supper, and it was a lot of fun!

As I stated in my previous post, it took me 10.5 years to get through my Bachelor’s Degree. Melissa was always positive, even when I thought there was no way I would ever get it accomplished. That has always meant the world to me.

In January 2011, she found out she had an eye cancer called Ocular Melanoma. It was yet one more time she had been knocked down. She has never sat there and felt sorry for herself. She has been working very diligently every single day to beat the shit out of this cancer. Her perseverance and determination are absolutely amazing!

When I grow up, if I am half the human being that Melissa is, then I would be on the right track! I am glad she is my sister, but I am even happier that she is one of my best friends!

I love you very much, Melissa!


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